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Embark on Adventures: Unforgettable Experiences Await You

Explore unforgettable adventures with us. From thrilling excursions to serene getaways, create lasting memories with our curated tours and activities.


Exploring Tukuran Falls

Tukuran Falls, a serene series of cascades and turquoise swimming holes, awaits discovery just a 45-minute drive south of Puerto Galera, accessible from the village of Calsapa. This natural wonder offers refreshing waters and picturesque scenery, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty.


Guided Exploration:

At the trailhead, a local tour guide is mandatory. The scenic walk involves crossing several rivers, so wearing appropriate footwear is essential. Alternatively, for those who prefer not to walk, a carabao-pulled cart ride is available arranged by our local tour guide.


Community Tourism Project:

The Tukuran Falls experience is part of a worthwhile community tourism project, providing employment opportunities for locals and supporting the preservation of the natural environment. However, visitors should be aware that locals might be overly enthusiastic in soliciting tips.


Getting There:

The turn-off to Tukuran Falls is clearly marked on the National Highway, approximately 1 kilometer south of San Teodoro proper. From the highway, it's just a short 10-minute drive to the parking area near the trailhead, where your adventure into the beauty of Tukuran Falls begins.


Tukuran Falls offers a delightful escape into nature's tranquility, where the gentle cascades and inviting swimming holes promise moments of serenity. Embrace the beauty of Puerto Galera's countryside and embark on a journey to Tukuran Falls, where the beauty of the natural world awaits exploration.

Exclusive Wawa Eco Tour

After a concise tour briefing, our Jeepney embarks with you on board towards Calapan, the provincial capital of Oriental Mindoro. The journey unfolds along the captivating coast of Mindoro, presenting vistas of secluded beaches and their picturesque landscapes. En route to Calapan, a brief stop allows for a visit to the stunning Tamaraw Waterfalls and an awe-inspiring viewpoint overlooking the Sabang Peninsula, affording ample time for capturing memorable photographs and savoring the panoramic scenery.


Upon arrival in Calapan, a succinct city tour offers insight into the provincial city living of Oriental Mindoro. Subsequently, our itinerary proceeds to the Calapan Heritage Museum, where the rich craftsmanship of various Mangyan tribes is showcased, celebrating indigenous artistry.


Our voyage then leads us to the boarding station for the village of Wawa. Here, amidst the tranquil beauty of the surroundings, we reflect upon the seismic event that once shook Mindoro—an earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale, now known as the Aglubang River Fault. Additionally, the 1994 catastrophe precipitated a tsunami that wrought devastation upon the northern shoreline communities, particularly in Barangays Malaylay, Old Baco, Wawa, and Baco. The tsunami, estimated to have generated waves up to six meters high, tragically claimed the lives of at least 58 individuals, predominantly children and the elderly.


As part of our commitment to community engagement, we extend support to the affected areas by distributing essential school supplies and donations to children and schools.


Continuing our expedition, we venture towards Lantuyan Falls, where a delightful barbecue awaits amidst the natural splendor of the cascading waters, providing a serene conclusion to our immersive journey.


Galera Island Hopping

Experience the essence of paradise as you delve into the enchanting world of island hopping we offer in Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. Renowned as one of the premier activities in this tropical haven, island hopping offers a gateway to the island's beauty and exploration. Here's what makes it a must-do experience:


Pristine Tropical Beaches: Splendor of Puerto Galera's azure seas and powdery sands as you hop from one idyllic beach to another. Each stop along the island hopping tour unveils a new slice of paradise, from the tranquil shores of Bucana Beach (affectionately known as Little Boracay) to the expansive stretches of Long Beach and the romantic allure of Heart Beach and Haligi Beach.


Diverse Exploration Opportunities: Experience a journey of discovery as you explore the diverse array of islands and coves that adorn Puerto Galera's coastline. Whether you're seeking secluded coves for intimate moments or vibrant beaches buzzing with activity, the island hopping tour offers something for every traveler's preference.


Snorkeling Extravaganza: Delve into the vibrant underwater realm of Puerto Galera with an optional snorkeling excursion. While you can choose to snorkel independently, opting for the guided snorkeling tour provides access to prime snorkeling spots teeming with colorful coral reefs and exotic marine life. Prepare to be captivated by the kaleidoscopic beauty that lies beneath the surface.


Convenient Charter Options: Kickstart your island hopping adventure from the picturesque shores of Muelle Bay, where you can easily charter a boat for your maritime escapade. With the option to customize your itinerary and select approximately three islands to visit, you have the flexibility to tailor your experience to suit your preferences.

Unveil the treasures of Puerto Galera through an exhilarating island hopping tour, where every moment is a testament to the natural beauty and wonder of this tropical paradise. Whether you're lounging on pristine beaches, exploring hidden coves, or snorkeling amidst vibrant coral gardens, each experience promises memories that will last a lifetime.


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